Line is an app that lets you send free messages and make free calls only if you have this app. But because this app has became into a popular app around the world then Line had to expand and they did this by increasing the number of system they supported, for example now a days you can install Line in many mobile system such as Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry but most important if you have an iPhone, iPad or your iMac you would you can install it too because Line offers a very good support for iOs system and all the line of products related with Apple.


Most important this app, of course if you configure it in the best way possible, would be such a very good app that would tell you of all the activity of your friends and more you would be able to call them, send funny messages or send them great emoticons from your iPhone just with a touch. Line has many emoticons to be used and the number is increasing day by day.

Also, Line has the option to share a file if you have one, so you won’t need to wait until you can turn on a computer to send a file but you can share a file to a complete group. Also Line is one of the app that has many translation so it means that there is a Line made right for you, in your own language and it’s waiting for you to download it and just have a lot of fun.

So, if you are trying to enjoy all of the features of a great app, then Line is the answer you are waiting for, this amazing app would be your best friend right in your iPhone, iPad or an iMac.

Download Line for iPhone